Restaurant Logo Design – Thai Chi Noodle Bar

Restaurant Logo Design – Thai Chi Noodle Bar

We were approached by a new client to come up with branding for their new takeaway restaurant, with a focus on Thai Food, we were more than happy to take up the task with our experience in graphic design and positive feedback from earlier clients in need of similar branding. 


The client gave us some instructions as to the general branding formats that they wanted to see made – a new restaurant logo design and menu layout. We took their requests on board throughout the planning process and endeavoured to offer them a distinctive, eye-catching set of concepts before settling on a final design. 


Given that Asian cuisine was at the heart of the business, we wanted to create designs that were representative of this style of food. Our planning also saw us focusing our restaurant logo design with a clip-art like style and vibrant colouring, giving the brand a modern twist.


We came up with 8 concepts that mixed up the font style and image format, we then put these work-in-progress designs to the client for feedback with one standing out more than the rest. We set out to finalise details on the design that the client wanted while giving our feedback on minor improvements; this process was highly successful and cooperative.


We proceeded to create a final logo design, menu and brand kit for them to use across the entire brand. 


Our deadline of 2 weeks to produce the work was quite tight, but it meant our focus was constant and highly directed. We were able to exceed our client’s expectation on the quality of the design even with the shorter time frame.

Take a look at the set of example logos from our branding package we created for a client below.



  • Category : Social Media, Digital Marketing, Website
  • Date : 08/01/2020
  • Client : Thai Chi Noodle Bar