Digital Monitoring

Digital Monitoring

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Digital Monitoring is a key part of measuring the success of any digital campaign.


Finding out how your customers act and respond to the content you are putting out is an important part of marketing that is sometimes overlooked.

Where Do we come in?

At Sood Marketing we can create custom dashboards that can monitor your digital footprint. Showing you how your following are responding to your latest social posts or a customers journey on your website. Having this information easily accessible is critical in a fast-paced digital world.

We don’t just monitor analytics; we monitor engagement too. We review and respond to reviews, comments, shares and everything in between. In digital marketing, engagement is key to developing your brand’s reputation as well as trustworthiness.

Our Process


We Measure all key digital analytics and report back to you to ensure we are not only hitting your KPI’s but going above and beyond.



Engaging with customers is crucial, whether they are visiting your site or social media and leaving reviews and comments, we will be able to streamline and monitor the whole process, so you don’t have to.



Reports are an excellent way to feedback to shareholders and bosses. Having a visual representation of how you are performing is a great way to digest information quickly. This is a standard feature with most of our packages.


Social Monitoring

We monitor what is happening in your industry so you are the are ahead of your competitors.

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