Social media management – Content creation and Content calendar

Social media management – Content creation and Content calendar

Social media is a wonderful thing, the connection and brand appeal offered by the globe-spanning network is priceless to small and big business alike.

So why is it that so many companies get it wrong? The answer is simple really; the content you create is the key to success.

Boring, repetitive and outdated content won’t gel with a constantly changing and online network that craves unique and empowered voices.

This blog will cover the aspects of a social media content calendar and the fundamentals what makes content effective – and it’s all about leverage.

Social media management

First things first, when we say ‘leverage’ is key, we aren’t talking about the finance strategy of borrowing money.

Social media leverage is taking advantage of the platform, viewing what content is popular and seeing what similar individuals/companies in your field are using social networking for.

With so much free advertising up for grabs, you need to take your content seriously before you even think about making a big splash online.

Content comes in many forms with different applications.

For many businesses and individuals, the most important is in-house.

Writing your content allows you to tailor specifically to your brand or audience, it will take practice to find a functional style especially if it’s niche, but your leverage comes from the fact everything you’ll produce is original and creatively-focused on you, no one else.

Be proud of that.

Make use of the ‘social’ in a social network; you don’t always have to make content on the fly, re-post it!

Curated content is normally professionally crafted and produced with the express purpose to appeal to an entire audience.

Still, it can be as simple as news and blogs made by others – if you’re struggling for the right post, then this can be an easy option to get content out there through re-posting.

Your content matters

What about those with already established audiences and platforms?

User-created content is a by-product of growth, by using a call to action (CTA) or competition you can ask your audience for opinions or ideas, but also blogs about your brand that will be mutually beneficial.

You can re-post and share their content on your platform, and your audience member gets a prize (if the competition is used) or a shoutout to boost their profile.

Large companies can negate all writing on their end by making use of paid content, whereby a copywriter or blogger will produce content for them at a price.

However, this loses the ‘original’ and ‘authentic’ aspects of your in-house social media content.


Writing social media content for posting starts, as always, with an idea.

If you’re struggling to find a topic or write, ask yourself: what am I trying to communicate? Is what I’m planning engagement? Is it fresh?

As mentioned previously, content needs to be exciting to draw an audience. One meaningful way to do this is to make use of colour.

A pop of colour may just be all you need to keep someone’s attention long enough to continue reading or click onto your page.

Take advantage of features such as hashtags and emojis by placing them in a wall of text to break up the monotony, include images and videos to not only visualise your points but to also grab a viewers attention.

Images and videos draw attention

Considering the 4-1-1 rule

This marketing rule suggests that the best way to grow influence is to post 4 pieces of content with a unifying theme or purpose.

Create 1 original post that is self-serving to your business, re-post an already established post by an influencer or follower.

Then, find or write 4 pieces of content/posts that a relevant to you but outside your immediate circle of regular content.

This should grant you the best coverage for engagement and self-promotion at the same time.

4-1-1 rule

Content calendars

Content creation is a difficult thing to manage properly. For this, a great way to label and manage your output is through a content calendar.

This type of calendar just like any other, it acts as an outline of the month, but it can be instrumental in helping you organise your commitments into specific sections:

Whatthe message you intend to give what information will be presented.

Whenthe date and time to be scheduled.

Where the platform and account that the content will go to.

Planning with a content calendar is a great habit to get into; it gives you more time to engage with your followers and can help you to identify what is and isn’t working, allowing you to adjust output accordingly.

content calendar

Remember - Give your follower base a reason to be inspired and interact with you!

Social networking is a tough nut to crack; it’s no good just ‘existing’ online when there’s lots of competition vying for followers, that could be yours.

If you can take the time to strategise a thorough routine of content planning that allows you to produce regular, meaningful and original posts – then you’ll have a major leg-up above the competition.

Do you plan your social posts? What content are you interested in? Is follower communication important to you? Post down in the comments and give us your opinions!

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