Trying to Grow Your Brands Influence?

Trying to Grow Your Brands Influence?

Are you trying to grow your brand’s influence? 📈

An excellent way to grow your influence is by following E-A-T, Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. It’s an SEO term that Google uses to determine the quality of a website.

Expertise 🎓

Your brand has to showcase its expertise and knowledge within its niche to gain influence. Do not just chase follower counts; if you promote and display yourself as an expert in your field, the followers will come to you. If you want to work with influencers, only go with ones that are experts and know their stuff because their followers will listen to what they have to say.

expertise will improve your brand influence

Authority 👮‍♀️

A large follower count doesn’t mean authority, usually the exact opposite. Most micro and nano-influencers have more influence in their niche than a celebrity account because these smaller accounts’ followers are there purely for their content as it interests them not because of sub-par celebrity news.

Trustworthiness ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Trust in social media is dropping because of bad influencer deals and bought followers. For as much as a positive tool social media can be, there are a lot of negatives that come about by follower hunting, so don’t do it. Grow your presence organically, or through platform-specific ads instead of paying to get thousands of followers overnight, an organic audience will trust you! 

Trustworthiness improves your brand influence

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