Are you making the most of Google My Business?

Are you making the most of Google My Business?

Why should you make the most of Google My Business?

Google My Business is the primary network for feeding search engines contextual local content and company information because GMB uses the information you give across all of Google’s platforms.

Here are some tips to help optimise your Google My Business:

Let Google display your company information publicly! 📞

Make sure to allow Google to pull your company contact information from your listing, this allows them to use that information to confirm that your business is legitimate and your details are up to date.


Be Local and Relevant 📍

Enter a radius for where your business serves and what it does, using primary and secondary business categories; these categories should identify what your company does! 


Short Business Description ✍

Write a short description, under 750 characters,  on what your company does using relevant keywords.

Be Visual 🖼

High-quality photos or video allows GMB to display those alongside the information you’ve given. It proves that you’re a real, local business to potential customers, especially if you geotag and use the Alt-Text.

Verify! ✔️

Verify your Google My Business account with a phone number or email. It can take a few days, but Google only wants to display authentic companies. 

Get reviews and questions! 👍

Responding to reviews and questions can help with ranking algorithms and users vetting your business.

Write Posts ✏️

Google Posts are featured in the knowledge panel on Google. They can be up to 1500 characters long and should be updated on your business.


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