10 Tips for your Instagram Marketing

10 Tips for your Instagram Marketing

Here are 10 tips to help you improve your Instagram marketing:

1. Create a business account 👔 

A business account gives you features you can’t use with a personal account, like insights, ads, Instagram Shopping, contact information and a call-to-action button on your profile.

There is also a creator account which has its own benefits for influencers and content creators, but for most businesses, a business account will work fine.


2. Set your goals 🥅

All social media platforms are useful tools, but you can’t make the most of them if you don’t know what your goals are. These goals could be to increase brand awareness, get new leads, make sales or a mix of all three and more.


3. Your audience 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

You need to research your audience. The most active Instagram demographic is aged 18-29, but that doesn’t mean that you should only target them. Your content needs to reflect who you are targeting with your posts.

Instagram Insights and tips
Instagram Insights and tips

4. Optimum Profile 📑

Instagram bios are limited to 150 characters but need to make your brand’s first impression, but with a business account, you have options to help. You can add a URL, a category, contact info and a call to action button which can save some of those crucial characters in your bio for more brand personality.


5. The Profile Photo 📷

Instagram’s profile photo is stored at 320x320px but only displays as a 110px diameter circle in the app, so you need to make sure that your logo is uncropped and recognisable in that circle.


6. Aesthetic 🌅

When you have set your goals, you should have an idea of what content you are going to post, but now comes the important step, how it looks. Your content should have a consistent aesthetic across all of your posts, that could be using the same colours throughout or using the same filter edit across all the content. 

7. Keep it short 📏

Instagram captions can be up to 2,200 characters long, but most people only see the first two lines, so a limit of 150 characters for organic posts and 125 for ads is optimal. If you have more to say, make that clear in those first two lines, or else people will skip by it. 

8. Engage 👍

This is a simple tip; if you want more engagement, you need to engage more yourself. Posting good content isn’t usually enough to grow; you need to engage with comments on your account and others.

9. Stories 📚

A crucial mistake brands make is not using Instagram stories; they take less effort to produce usually and are a great way to interact with your audience through polls and Q&A’s. Highlights can be a great way to expand the information on your profile by adding FAQ’s or using them as a portfolio, just remember to add covers.

10. Go Commercial 🛒

With a business account, you get access to Instagram shopping and ads. Shopping lets you sell products directly from posts and ads to promote your business account.

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