Do you use a structure when writing content?

Do you use a structure when writing content?

Do you use a structure when writing content?

If you struggle when writing content you might want to try using a structure to help you, have a look at the AIDA formula below:


  • Ask a “yes” question to start the content, it opens up the conversation from the content with the audience to ease them in. 
  • Tell a Story, create more relatable content for your audience, use simpler language rather than using trade terms if you aren’t talking about ultra specifics
  • You can start with something unexpected, this can bring in a readers interest and get them to continue reading



Hold your audience’s interest by creating a relatable situation and show that you can recognise problem’s they could have and that you understand them and can share a way to help them solve it



The Desire is the shift from the audience’s curiosity, into them making a decision to take the action against a problem. Emotions can be a great motivator for your audience as if they fear a problem that could affect them they are more likely to take action against that problem.   


The content should finally lead the audience to take a call to action; to follow a link, social media action, just simply to answer a question or to interact with your brand via a hashtag.


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