Are you using video to get more engagement?

Are you using video to get more engagement?

Are you using Video to get more engagement with your brand?

Here are a few things that you may want to take note of:

Quality should come first! 📷

Make sure your video is well shot and valuable to your audience. 

A good base for Video is the same as P.S.B; to inform, educate and entertain. It should be clear what you’re trying to get across and should be entertaining to watch. 


You Need a good introduction 🎣

Similar to content writing, you need to hook your audience within the first few seconds of your Video. Setup the importance of your topic but, don’t give away the whole story, leave that to the end. 

Give them a Call 📞

Give your audience a call to action within your video, ask them a question and get their responses in the comments, and this will increase your engagement. 

Annotate! ✍ 

Most users watch videos on social media muted on mobile and don’t want to disturb anyone (or get caught watching food videos at work.) Annotations can keep your audience looking at your Video while making it more inclusive for those with hearing difficulties.

Keep it short ⏰

Shorter videos get more engagement! Unless you are trying to make ad revenue on a Youtube video, then 10minutes is key, but outside that shortness rules the engagement. Think of how many “5 Minute Craft” videos you see with thousands of views and comments. 

Optimise for the Platform 📏

Each social media platform has its own different take on Video. Make sure that you create content to fit the platforms optimal resolution and audience type, Facebook and Instagram are more casual compared to Youtube viewers. 

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