Struggle with Content Writing?

Struggle with Content Writing?

If you struggle with Content Writing, we have some tips that will help you!


Write an eye-catching headline 👀

The headline is the first thing your audience will read. It has to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing or else the reader will turn away.


Write an attention-grabbing hook 🎣

With any piece of writing, you have 3 seconds to hook a reader after the headline. The first few lines determine whether a reader will continue looking at your content or not. They should capture attention and lead to your first point.


Research your topic 📑

You should have knowledge of the topic you are writing about, especially when targeting professionals. Use statistics, data and metrics to support your statements and give them credibility.

Have a Clear Message 📳

Your writing should have a clear, key message that you are trying to put across. Relate back to this key point as much as possible throughout.


Use Your Voice 📣

Your content should sound/ read like you. It should match up with your brand’s personality and other content that you have produced, making sure that it carries through your business goals.


Optimize your content 🖥

The best digital content consists of short paragraphs, short sentences and bullet lists. Use images that fit the native resolution of the platform.

Edit ✍

Create drafts, go back review and edit your writing. No matter how experienced you are, you should review and edit to improve your content writing.

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